Pacific Seafood wants to buy Bayfront area properties to house their workers

Pacific Seafood processing is asking Newport City Hall to allow them to create their own worker housing because their workers can’t find affordable housing in Newport. Pacific Seafood will be sitting down with city planning commissioners August 13th to work out some changes to the city code to allow the company to provide workforce housing for its workers by acquiring properties on, or near, the Bayfront so their workers can have a place to live and not have it cost them an arm and a leg. >click to read<10:36

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  1. I am sure they (renters) will end up robbing all the rest of us of parking if this happens. It is a BIG problem on the Bayfront. You should see it this summer. If you don’t have off-street parking which we biz owners pay for then you are out of luck. Make the employees park at the top of the hill has become the norm. Plus tourists will park their darn cars anywhere the they care too. It is a daily nightmare in the summer and on weekends. The seasonal and sometimes short fisheries are not enough to justify compromising an already overburdened parking situation on an on-going basis.. I’d bet more than half the tourist can’t even walk up that hill for parking so they just circle around till someone leaves an open parking spot on Bay Blvd.
    I think the playing field for renting should be level. Perhaps I’ll ask the City to allow for a permanent employee housing on our property.That would be awesome. Never late for work! Maybe we should all build our own residences on the Bayfront. A view of the bay included! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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