Kitzhaber re-emerges to back gillnet ban on the Columbia River

Former Gov. John Kitzhaber has re-emerged to champion a divisive plan he implemented to ban gillnets on the Columbia River — even as state fishery managers say the plan is not living up to expectations.,, Commercial fishermen argue gillnet gear is selective and does not unduly impact salmon runs, while sport fishing and conservation groups disagree. So far, neither state has come up with a replacement gear for gillnets, though Washington has continued to experiment with seine nets. >click to read<19:12

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  1. renee r says:

    MEASURE 81, where the PEOPLE OF OREGON voted 65% to 35% to KEEP gillnetters on the Columbia River, harvesting their FOOD. This guy decided the PEOPLE OF OREGON did not know what is best for Oregon, and regardless of the 2/3 majority of votes in favor of the commercial fishermen, pushed forward with the gillnet ban. He is an avid sports fisherman, and Measure 81 was put forward by the Sports fishing group Coastal Conservation Association. When he was being investigated, the Oregon ethics commission found 10 instances when Kitzhaber used his political office for personal gain (cited from Wikipedia). He’s at it again.

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