Another Government Shutdown Could Sink Scallop Fishery Profits

The world is smitten with scallops. Their subtle sweetness and firm but somehow delicate bite has many wanting more. When I previously worked in seafood sales, I couldn’t believe how much chefs in Los Angeles would pay to put the great New Bedford sea scallop on their menus. We’re talking over $35 per pound for the big ones. I’d think to myself, “These chefs know there are scallops in the Pacific, right?” >click to read<15:39

2 Responses to Another Government Shutdown Could Sink Scallop Fishery Profits

  1. Joel says:

    While these federal officials are working as quickly as they can to evaluate new regulations, they are up against a massive backlog of data.

    Seriously? A backlog of data? Like this is something new caused by the shutdown. Give me a break. NMFS has been behind with their data for decades. Their stock assessments are a joke and don’t reflect anything near reality.
    Blaming the current administration for the shortcomings of NOAA/NMFS is nothing more than the sickening, continued game of politics we have come to expect from our elected idiots n DC.
    Defund the NMFS and use the money saved for something useful like building the damn wall on our southern border. Quit playing the anti Trump political games.

  2. muddog says:

    government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. Ronald Reagan.

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