Harriet Didriksen remembered as an irreplaceable fishing industry ‘icon’

New Bedford — A procession of visitors entered a hospital room at St. Anne’s in Fall River last weekend to bid farewell to Harriet Didriksen. Her son, Dana, saw his mother. With each new person who entered the room, he began to see, in many ways, the matriarch of the waterfront. Didriksen died Sunday at age 76. Dana returned to his home in Manhattan on Thursday morning. With each day he spent in the SouthCoast, though, the bond between his mother and the fishing industry grew more and more visible. >click to read<21:00

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    I consider it an honor to have known Harriet. She was a no nonsense lady who knew the real score involving all fisheries matters. It was never about what’s in Harriet’s best interest, it was about what’s best for the fishing community. Sadly this is a trait that seems to be getting lost with many of the so called leaders of the fishing community these days. Thank you Harriet for all you did on behalf of others. RIP

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