Warped Notions of Predator/ Prey Relationships, or Why Eco Based Management will be the final Battlefront of Fishing Industry Survival

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  • – Moderator

    These people are cracked.
    It’s cutting into feeding human beings, which is perfectly acceptable if you’re a rich bastard that employs eco soldiers for profit, and your food supply is all set.
    Get ready for a down and dirty fight.
    These people will continue to destroy this industry until we pin them down.

  • Dick Grachek

    No matter what the situation or circumstance the answer, the ONLY answer, is always further curtailment of commercial fishing.

    Do you suppose these enlightened and benevolent “ecologists” might have agenda to fulfill for their “investors”? Namely their mission seems to be clearing off the Outer Continental Shelf of the nuisance, the “artisanal wild catch” fishermen, the “little people”, who are still hanging on—for some “unknown reason”.

    • – Moderator

      Such a simplistic, eco group selected, not included list of predators that are only regulated by the number of participants that eclipse any number of regulated humans.
      Humans are the only group they prefer to regulate!
      It’s the same Pew paid group that has steered the conversation utilizing omission (lies) ,and eco notion.
      Eco based management is all inclusive, whether hey like it or not.
      I can tell you right now, they will not like it.