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New England’s Cod Quota Drops Again! The Problem Could Be a R/V Bigelow Trawl Issue

To whom this may concern. The Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel has been working on the overspreading issue and their solution is to put a restrictor rope between the doors to keep them from overspreading the net. This is not a realistic solution, as different depths need different lengths of wire, also one door striking a big rock, or any hang would affect the track of the other door. My question is why is overspreading occurring?!! >click to read<, Respectfully, Captain Sam Novello, Gloucester, Mass 22:23

Penlee Lifeboat: Forty years later, pre-Christmas bravery still marked by heartrending village ritual

Forty years ago this weekend, the Penlee lifeboat Solomon Browne was launched into hurricane-force winds that had whipped up 50ft waves off the treacherous Cornish coast. The crew of eight experienced volunteer lifeboatmen were attempting to reach a stricken coaster, the Union Star, which was in danger of drifting on to rocks. What followed was an audacious act of seamanship in extreme conditions which nearly succeeded in saving those in peril. Instead, it is remembered as one of the greatest tragedies in the 197-year history of the RNLI.,, The Coastguard telephones Trevelyan Richards, 56, a trawler skipper who has been coxswain of the Penlee lifeboat Solomon Browne for the past 11 years. It explains the plight of the Union Star and asks Trevelyan to put his crew on standby. As his widowed mother, Mary, lays the table for supper, he starts phoning senior crew members to warn them they may be needed. photos, >click to read< 19:17

Connecticut Port Authority obtains final permit for State Pier work

Offshore wind partners Ørsted and Eversource have partnered with the state to fund the $235 million overhaul of State Pier as a staging area for several planned offshore wind farms along the East Coast. Ørsted has said the project is projected to produce 460 construction jobs and 100 offshore wind-related jobs and provide a boost to the local economy. Critics of the project have said that most of the jobs are temporary and the lease of the pier by the offshore wind industry will serve to block traditional cargo vessels and a diversity of economic opportunities there. >click to read< 14:27

New trawler Linette makes a big difference

F/V Linette has been built for Alfred Fisker Hansen and Tommy Svart who had been looking forward for some time to upgrading to a new vessel, although this was delayed to the end of October. ‘We completed our first real fishing trip with new Linette, sailing on Saturday 6th November and landing in Thyborøn on Monday 15th November. He said that Linette performed perfectly throughout the trip. Photos, >click to read< 12:10

Salem bid selected for offshore wind project

State leaders announced Friday afternoon that Commonwealth Wind, a partnership that targets Salem for an offshore wind marshalling yard around the Salem Harbor Footprint property, was selected to provide 1,200 megawatts of power to the state. “Today’s announcement marks a transformative moment for Salem, our commonwealth, and our planet,” said Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll. “As the planned marshalling and construction staging site for this next generation of major offshore wind power, Salem now has a brighter future.” >click to read< 11:17

US Wind extends moratorium, Ocean City fishermen remain skeptical

US Wind announced on Dec. 10 that it will further delay geophysical survey operations until Jan. 1 in an attempt to peacefully coexist with the fishing industry in and around its Maryland lease area. Their fishery liaisons are working directly with local fisherman to ensure strong coordination between the industries. However, longtime Ocean City fisherman Jimmy Hahn wasn’t too thrilled by the supposed good news from US Wind. “They’re making out like this is a great big deal but they were supposed to be done on Oct. 31,” Hahn said. “We gave up all spring, summer and now during the height of our conch season they’re coming back and basically bullying us and pushing us off our historical conch area.” >click to read< 09:52

Fishing for mackerel: At sea with a ‘band of brothers’

It was just prior to daybreak and the tension in the wheelhouse of the Fraserburgh based F/V Resolute was palpable. As the flickering light of dawn gradually took hold over a grey-ruffled sea, the 10 other crew members scrambled down to the lower stern deck to prepare the trawl for shooting. It was a study in teamwork, the crew going about their tasks quickly, efficiently, and methodically, each one knowing what their colleagues were doing, and working together as if guided by telepathy. It was truly impressive to watch. photos, >click to read< 08:22