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No conflict here! New Jersey ocean enviro studies to be paid for by offshore wind farm developers

New Jersey’s offshore wind developers will help fund research on marine life, paying $10,000 per megawatt of capacity to help New Jersey scientists better understand the impacts of wind farms on the Atlantic Ocean’s ecosystem. The state’s Research Monitoring Initiative will direct a total of $26 million from the power companies toward the study of wind turbines’ impacts on ocean wildlife and commercial fisheries, according to state officials. >click to read< 16:24

Whirling ‘Triffids’ are now cluttering our coastlines

For years now, subsidised wind energy investors have been razing ridgelines, felling forests, and slicing birds, bats, and insects. But neighbours and nature-lovers are fighting back. So now the wind speculators race for off-shore space in shallow seas. ‘The Day of the Triffids’ is coming for coastal communities as these towers of whirling knives accelerate their invasion of shallow coastal waters. They pose a lethal danger to sea birds – beheading or de-winging pelicans and petrels, seagulls and sea eagles, gannets and grebes, kites and gliders. They also endanger coastal shipping, barges, helicopters, fishermen, and tourists. And the noise pollution from pile driving and turbine whine is affecting whales and seals. >click to read< 15:22

Athearn Marine Agency Boat of the Week:42′ Bruno (solid glass) Lobster/Scallop/Tuna, CAT 3306

To review specifications, information, with 31 photos, >click here<, To see all the boats in this series >click here< 11:32

Fisherman’s lobster boat sinks in Southwest Harbor

Wednesday, Dec. 22, was a disappointing day for local fisherman Nahum Kelley. It was the day that his lobster boat sank in Southwest Harbor. On Monday morning, Curry had Charles Bradley Marine Construction use its barge to salvage the boat, which was still on its mooring in Southwest Harbor. The boat was then brought to the Hinckley Company boatyard, where it was removed with a travel lift. >click to read< A GoFundMe has been set up, Kelly Family Support Fund, >click here<, and please, donate if you can!

‘Friend of the Fleet’ Jim Moore reflects on 50 years of trolling in Southeast

Jim Moore grew up in the state of California, but he says he didn’t really grow up until he came to Alaska. He says he moved to Sitka in 1970 with a steamer trunk full of art supplies, a violin and $1 to his name. That summer he fell in love with commercial fishing…and someone else. “After I’d been up here about two weeks, a friend of mine, her name was Pam, contacted me and asked if she could come up and see Alaska. And so I had arranged with the skipper that she could come out on the boat and be our cook for a couple of weeks,,, “For some strange reason, though, even though we’d known each other several years, in California, we just sort of…” And that was 50 years ago.” Moore’s Southeast Alaska story has several chapters. >click to read< 08:51

Finally! Commercial Dungeness Crab Season opens in the Bay Area

“We’ve been delayed here because of the whales being present,” said John Barnett who owns the crabbing boat, The F/V Amigo, docked at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. California Fish and Wildlife pushed the Dungeness crab season back to December 29th to give whales in the area more time to leave the fishing grounds, and now they’re gone. “We’re ready to go fishing,” >video, >click to read< 07:40