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Atlantic ChiCan exported U.S. lobster to China claiming it came from Canada

A Chinese-owned lobster company in Nova Scotia has been fined $50,000 for illegally shipping American lobsters primarily to China and claiming it came from Canada. Atlantic ChiCan pleaded guilty Thursday in provincial court in Dartmouth, N.S., to two counts related to the mislabeling. Between May and October 2019, the big holding facility on Cape Sable Island in southwest Nova Scotia imported 63,000 pounds of live lobster from the United States and exported it as product of Canada,,, >click to read< 17:26

Former ‘Deadliest Catch’ captain admits to dealing heroin, court documents say

An Alaska crab boat captain formerly on the reality TV show “Deadliest Catch” has admitted to dealing heroin on the Kenai Peninsula. Elliott Neese, 39, has agreed to plead guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. That’s according to a plea agreement Neese signed and filed in federal court Monday, shortly after prosecutors charged him. >click to read< 14:49

Biden’s Offshore Wind Farm Folly Is a Waste of Energy and Money

After realizing that offshore wind turbines only supply about two percent of all US grid energy (and about one percent worldwide), the Biden Administration has decided it needs a big push. It hasn’t cogitated that just maybe there’s a reason for this. There is: it’s called “physics.” The administration’s goal is a lofty thirty gigawatts of offshore wind operating by 2030, compared to currently just forty-two megawatts of offshore wind from a grand total of seven turbines. A gigawatt is 1,000 megawatts so we’d have to increase output by about 700 times. By comparison, the largest US nuclear plant produces almost four gigawatts of power, while a Japanese one produces twice that. Hence, four nuclear plants could produce more energy than the entire Biden plan. >click to read< 13:47

DFO’s vessel length restrictions are hurting business and putting fish harvesters’ lives at risk

Patey’s Venture has the look of a well-designed fishing boat, with smooth flanks meeting a nicely-curved bow. Yet there’s something amiss, an anomaly that’s as impossible to ignore as a missing tooth in an open-mouthed smile. For the Pateys, who needed a boat with some extra deck space to handle crab pots, it was more economical to buy and reconfigure a used boat than invest in a new boat. The Pateys had a licence that put them in the under-40 LOA class. Patey spent several thousand dollars to eliminate those two feet,  “Our boat was an excellent boat. And when we … followed the regulations set by DFO we made her worse than she was,” photos, >click to read< 11:10

Fishing Vessel Taking on Water in St. John’s Harbour

Over a dozen coast guard workers are on the scene of a capsizing fishing vessel in St. John’s harbour Thursday morning, trying to save the boat from sinking as it takes on water. The crew is using hoses to pump water from the Executioner as it lists dangerously on the south side of the city’s wharf. >click to read< – A frantic effort is underway on the St. John’s waterfront to save a fishing vessel listing dramatically on the South Side. The Coast Guard environmental response team is on scene along with about 15 workers frantically trying to pump out the hold which has filled with water due to an apparent leak. photos, >click to read< 10:14

California Commercial Lobsterman Convicted of Poaching in Marine Protected Area

After a series of complaints from legitimate commercial lobster harvesters operating offshore of San Pedro and Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County, CDFW launched an investigation of illegal commercial poaching activity. Using a combination of multiple contacts and inspections at sea and at the dock, home visits, analysis of marine navigation equipment seized during the investigation and various surveillance techniques, wildlife officers concluded that Rustin Craig Wilson, 37, of Lawndale, had been engaged in several commercial fishing behaviors that resulted in potential violations of commercial fishing laws and regulations. Wilson is known to wildlife officers for prior commercial lobster fishing convictions and was in the middle of a 36-month probation for those convictions by a February 13, 2020, court order. >click to read< 09:04

Westerly Town Council seeks input on marina property – Fishermen weigh in.

The Town Council will accept input from members of the Planning Board and the Economic Development Commission as it prepares for a new contract for use of town-owned waterfront property on Margin Street. The council also heard from two commercial fishermen on Monday. The council also heard from two commercial fishermen on Monday. Some fishermen who live in the town lease space from commercial marinas, and others like himself, work out of other towns, including Stonington, said Josiah Dodge. Space in a public facility would allow fishermen to sell their catch directly and provide service to local restaurants, Dodge said. Jason Jarvis, who also lives in the town and works as a commercial fisherman, asked town officials to have a conversation with the fishermen. >click to read< 08:08