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Windfarm plans for Atlantic coast hit fishermen hard and threaten US food supply

Tom Williams, a lifelong fisherman whose sons now captain the family’s two boats, doesn’t scare easily—not after the storms, regulations and economic ups and downs he’s weathered. But the wind farms planned for much of the nation’s Atlantic coastline do scare him. His own extended family began fishing in Rhode Island in 1922. “What’s going to be left for my grandchildren?” he asks. “It’s a way of life, and this is the biggest threat we’ve faced.” >click to read< 21:00

France wants EU to start legal case against UK

Speaking on Friday, Minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune told reporters that France had obtained 93% of the post-Brexit fishing licenses it claims the UK should have granted to its trawlers. According to Maritime Minister Annick Girardin, who spoke alongside Beaune, France was still pushing for a further 73 licenses to fish in British waters. Paris says it will not drop its protests until all of the outstanding licenses are granted. >click to read< 13:30

Fisheries Minister Discards Science in Pacific Herring in the Strait of Georgia Decision

“Shocked and devastated,” says the Herring Conservation and Research Society’s Rob Morley of Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray’s decision to reduce the harvest rate on Pacific herring in the Strait of Georgia to 10% from the long-standing, science-validated 20%. “Fisheries management decisions should be based on solid peer-reviewed science not the number of signatures on a petition.” To make matters worse, he added, “DFO will take 85% of the likely landed value in seine licence fees that were set in the 1970s.  How are harvesters supposed to make a living?” >click to read< 11:38

Repeat Offender: Gabriola Island fisheries violator jailed following late night boat chase

Scott Stanley Matthew Steer, 44, was sentenced last month in BC Supreme Court in Vancouver following his conviction on five charges earlier this year. Steer and two accomplices aboard a boat in Burrard Inlet were spotted by fisheries officers and perused in the early morning hours of March 2, 2020. The unlicensed Steer was arrested aboard the vessel containing 250 illegally caught live crabs captured out of season, Justice Peter Edelmann determined. Steer also breached two court orders by being on a fishing vessel and in possession of associated gear. >click to read< 09:43

Plymouth’s fishing industry is being ‘screwed over

The fishing industry has been “screwed over” by Brexit deals and unnecessary bureaucracy, according to Plymouth MP Luke Pollard. Promises to take back control of British fishing waters were a big part of the Leave campaign before Brexit when the government suggested more than £140 million worth of the fishing quota would be regained from the EU. Analysts suggest the real figures are a small fraction of that. Mr Pollard said a number of factors are hitting the fishing industry in places like Plymouth. >click to read< 08:37

Anglers welcome offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Mexico; shrimpers skeptical

While commercial shrimpers worried that turbines might crowd them out of prime harvesting areas, recreational fishing groups wanted assurances they could get as close as possible to turbines, which can act as artificial reefs. Off the coast of New England, commercial fishers are fighting plans for large offshore wind farms. They say the farms will overlap some of the best spots to catch squid, lobster and other species, and could make fishing more dangerous and costly. >click to read< 07:43