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Ryan Phillips, sparking welds for fishermen and mariners

Ryan Phillips always knew he wanted to be his own boss when he grew up. Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Phillips was raised and immersed in the family business, now he runs his own welding workshop in Port Edward. His father, a commercial fisherman, would regularly take his sons out to sea. Phillips’s new customer base knew he was a commercial fisherman and had confidence in what he was doing. “I’ve prawn fished. I’ve halibut fished. I’ve tuna fished. I’ve salmon fished, long-line and crab fished,” he said, also adding shrimp fishing to his list of work. “If you’ve done all the fisheries, you get to learn how a boat should be set up for every fishery.” “When you do that, you know how a boat has to be, and that’s why I immediately did well here.” Great story! >click to read< 14:41

Commercial Fishing Safety on the West Coast

In 2009, NIOSH completed an in-depth study of commercial fishing fatalities in the United States for the decade spanning 2000-2009. The purpose of the study was to identify the most hazardous fisheries around the country and to describe the unique safety issues in each. For this study the US was divided into four fishing regions: Alaska, West Coast, East Coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. The results of this analysis for the West Coast region can be found in the document,,, >click to read< 13:18

Young skippers and crew take over two whitefish trawlers

Skipper Ben Irvine, Owen Dougan, Gordon Smith, Louis Polson, and LHD, have bought the F/V Sedulous from John Wishart. She has been renamed F/V ComradesMeanwhile., skipper Robbie Jamieson, Richard Whelan, James Shearer, Ross Sutherland, Tom Jamieson, and Magnus Polson, have bought the F/V Defiant from Gordon Irvine. “A lot of the older generation of fishermen are retiring and it’s really fine to see young guys taking it on. It’ll be a fresh start, but we have a lot to learn. >click to read< 08:34