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Grachek: Connect The Dots – The question is why would anyone trust anything that comes from organizations such as Oceana?!!!

superecomanNow it’s no secret that there are vast reserves of oil and gas smack dab under our most prolific fishing grounds; and it’s no secret that the oil companies have plans to profit from those reserves (see API.com: OCS 5 Year Plan).  So it should also be no secret that these (mega- industry money) “Foundations” do not invest all those millions (hundreds of millions) in environmental “non-profits” such as Oceana for nothing—they are looking for a “handsome return”.  They are looking for the execution of their profit-securing agendas masquerading as environmentalism.  Read more here  17:43

Read Wasted Catch: Unsolved Problems in U.S. Fisheries here. Click the links, Read the bio’s! This is telling – “While bycatch data is often outdated and inaccurate, researchers estimate”,,,