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“Fish Wars” or a Regime Shift in Ocean Governance? Nils E. Stolpe

The reasons for Big Oil’s (now more accurately Big Energy’s) focus on fisheries – and on demonizing fishing and fishermen – has been fairly obvious since a coalition of fishermen and environmentalists successfully stopped energy exploration on Georges Bank in the early 80s. Using a handful of ocean oriented ENGOs as their agents, the Pew Charitable Trusts and other “charitable” trusts funded a hugely expensive campaign that the domestic fishing industry is still suffering from, but that campaign has paid off handsomely to the entities that participated in or funded it.,,  If anyone wonders why one of the founders of Microsoft might be interested in supporting research by Daniel Pauly, from an article in the NY Times last week,,, and retired admiral and Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Naval Institute James G. Stavridis had a column in the September 14 Washington Post titled The Fishing Wars Are Coming. click here to read the article 14:48

Nils Stolpe – Are you getting the idea that if you’re a fisherman Daniel Pauly isn’t on your side?

daniel-pauly-e1453236033296FishNet-USA/February 22, 2016 – “… The crisis in the world’s fisheries is less about scientific proof than about attitude and political will. And the world’s fish need a dynamic, high-profile political champion like a Bono or Mandela to give finned creatures the public profile of cute and furry ones.” (Daniel Pauly in “Hooked on fishing, and we’re heading for the bottom, says scientist”,,, This quote by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ premier fisheries researcher says just about all that needs to be said about the ongoing anti-fishing campaign that they have been financing, along with a handful of other mega-foundations, to convince anyone who is willing to listen that, in spite of a dearth of compelling scientific evidence supporting this strum und drang , the world’s oceans are – and have been – facing a crisis brought about because of the depredations of commercial fishermen. Where are the Kardashian’s when Pauly really needs them? Read the rest here 19:23

Riding the Pew Science Short Bus to “The Best Available Science”

The Short BusLooks like U.S. District Court Judge Richard G. Stearns took a ride on the Pew Science Short Bus! Hey, Judge!  look at this graphic. 13:36

Can Regulations Help a Man Learn to Fish? Kissing boss Bloomberg’s ass?

(James Greiff’s boss just granted $56 million to increase fish stocks in Brazil, Chile and the Philippines.) There probably isn’t a lament repeated more often by small business owners than the complaint that government regulation is strangling them. Maybe there’s some truth to this, and yet what sometimes goes missing is the corollary: Without regulations, some of those businesses might not survive. The latest example comes from a New Bedford, Massachusetts, commercial fisherman who told Fox News that limits on how many fish can be hauled from U.S. coastal waters will be the ruin of the domestic industry. Be sure to click the links! Read [email protected] 19:41

Using satellite imagery from Google Earth, Daniel Pauly and Associates Bust Ancient Persian Gulf Weir Fishermen! Now THAT’s Science!

Ah. He’s a clever one! Large fish traps in the Persian Gulf could be catching up to six times more fish than what’s being officially reported, according to the first investigation of fish catches from space conducted by University of British Columbia scientists. [email protected] 22:26

Is Daniel Pauly Crackers? Dr. Pauly – Joke’s repeatedly about the Gulf of Maine while spewing false narratives

“No evidence whatsoever of fishing down,” he joked repeatedly, while rattling off evidence to the contrary, including one graph that focused on the Gulf of Maine, where depletion of species higher in the food chain had forced fishermen to begin harvesting sea urchins in the late 80s, sea cucumbers beginning in the 90s and finally seaweed in the 2000s. There’s more! The False Narrative   [email protected]  13:36

Ocean Fishing Ban – Should large areas of the ocean be off-limits to fishing? Daniel Pauly thinks so.

ScienCentral News – Should large areas of the ocean be off-limits to fishing? Daniel Pauly, professor at the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia is telling the world in journals like Nature that fish stocks in the oceans are plummeting, and that the only way to replenish them is to ban fishing in certain areas.  continued


China’s fishing numbers don’t add up, UBC researcher Pauly says

douche bagBut the impact of that wasn’t known until Daniel Pauly at the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre used a statistical technique known as the Monte Carlo method to determine unreported catch data. A spokesman for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which gathers and reports international fishing catch statistics, has criticized the study continued