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2 West Coast commercial fishing vessel mishaps included in NTBS Safer Seas Digest 2016

The National Transportation Safety Board cited two mishaps involving vessels around Ventura Harbor among 27 marine-related boating accidents as part of its Safer Seas Digest 2016. The agency’s annual report, released online Thursday, is part of an effort to help improve safety in the boating industry. “We hope that (the report) continues to help the marine industry discuss and address the safety issues confronting it,” said Robert Sumwalt, the NTSB’s acting chairman, in the 2016 Safer Seas Digest.The mishaps mentioned in the report include a July 29, 2015, collision in which the captain of a commercial fishing boat, Ferrigno Boy, lost control of the boat as it maneuvered near the Ventura Harbor Boatyard. The 70-foot-long squid boat hit the docks there. No one was injured in the accident. click here to read the story 14:22 To read the report click here

F/V Ferrigno Boy crash in Ventura Harbor caused by loss of power

Ferrigno Boy lost controlA commercial fishing boat that crashed into the Ventura Harbor this week lost control, harbor officials said Friday. The crash was reported about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Ventura Harbor Boatyard in the 1400 block of Spinnaker Drive after the 70-foot boat lost propulsion control while maneuvering in the harbor, authorities said. The squid boat struck the docks and a 35-ton Travelift pier, which will now be used to take boats to and from their work sites, officials said.  Read the rest here 09:09

Boat crash damages pier, docks at Ventura Harbor

fishing vessel named Ferrigno Boy dock crash ventura harborMultiple docks and a pier at the Ventura Harbor were damaged Wednesday in a boat crash, the Ventura Harbor Patrol said. The patrol received many reports about the accident about 10:30 a.m. at the Ventura Harbor Boatyard in the 1400 block of Spinnaker Drive, authorities said. A 70-foot commercial fishing vessel named , a squid boat out of Los Angeles, damaged the pier, docks and utilities so significantly that the area was determined unsafe and it was taped off, officials said. Read the rest here 11:11