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DFO stock assessment – Halibut and Haddock flourishing, cod struggling

Wild food fish populations off Atlantic Canada continue to confound scientists, with some species flourishing and others floundering. The latest examples are halibut and cod. The big flatfish is flourishing off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, according to the latest stock assessment released by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. However, another new DFO report shows cod stocks off southern Nova Scotia remain in dire shape.,,,Yellow flounder is another species that is struggling. >click to read< 14:56

Healthy parents provide clues to survival of young haddock on Georges Bank

In 2003, haddock on Georges Bank experienced the largest baby boom ever documented for the stock, with an estimated 800 million new young fish entering the population. With typical annual averages of 50 to 100 million new fish in the last few decades, fisheries biologists have been puzzled by the huge increase and its ramifications for stock management. They have been looking for answers and may have found one – healthy adults. Read more here  16:18

Huge haddock tows from Georges Bank land in Nova Scotia – Fish sent to U.S., where windfall coincides with lower Canadian dollar

A huge increase in the haddock catch off Georges Bank has the southwestern Nova Scotia port of West Pubnico booming this week. Pubnico’s concrete wharfs have been swarming with forklifts and semi-trailer trucks for days as the fleet lands some of the 16 million kilograms of Georges Bank haddock available for fishermen to catch this year. Fisheries and Oceans Canada has increased the 2014 quota by 250 per cent, to 16,470 metric tons. Read [email protected]  19:48