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Open Letter to Presidential Candidates on Saving the Oceans: Industrial Fishing Must Be Banned to Stave Off Wholesale Disaster

stock-vector-chowderhead-character-with-frown-and-hands-on-hips-176939927Danny Quintana, founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve, is making a direct plea to the Presidential Candidates to take up an issue that is vital to the survival of billions around the world. While the job of altering the existence of national life globally to stave off climate change is in full swing, the task that will immediately effect the whole planet, and in real time as we watch, is to stop the practice of industrial fishing in oceans around the world. Here is an Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates from Danny Quintana, whose Global High Seas Marine Preserve Foundation is calling for the immediate cessation of industrial fishing and for U.S. to ratify the Laws of the Seas Treaty and push for amendments with the other signatories. Read it here 10:48