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A “Golden Opportunity” Don’t take NOAA for an answer – Video

sct logoWhat we have here is a golden opportunity. This report ( National Academy of Sciences report) about how NOAA manages fish has been percolating for what, three or four years? Former NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco ordered up this study to deflect the hailstorm of criticism she endured following the catch shares and sector management scheme started strangling the Northeast groundfishery. [email protected] 09:31

Heres a handy interactive doodadd to play with – Rebuilding Depleted Fish Stocks –

Rebuilding Depleted Fish Stocks To be considered sustainable, a population of fish must produce enough young to replace the fish that are lost each year due to natural causes and to fishing. However, when the rate of fishing exceeds the stock’s capacity to regenerate, the stock can become overfished. Rebuilding strategies help reduce fishing pressure on stocks and are designed to allow the stocks to grow and recover. This chart plots the trajectory, from 1980 to 2010, of 55 stocks that were declared overfished since 1997. more here  15:04