Biggest Crab Boat in the World: Facts You Might Not Know

Crab fishing is a dangerous industry popularized by the hit TV reality show The Deadliest Catch. You might be wondering which boat is the biggest crab boat in the world. For your information, the Fierce Allegiance is the biggest boat featured on the show at 166 feet long and is among the largest known crab boats. We’ll take a look at crab fishing and boats to dive into this industry. Crab fishing is a complicated type of fishing because of the dangers associated with it. Setting out to the frigid waters of the Bering Sea months at a time and having to haul hundreds of tons of crabs as you work toward your catch quota, this sort of life in Alaska waters is no joke. The many health risks associated with the job have also been featured on the show many times. Photos, >click to read< 21:45

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  1. Kane Holland says:

    I have heard the name of the ship Fierce Allegiance. But as far as I know, the ship just behind the Fierce Allegiance seems to be the FV Wizard, not inferior in length to the other ship.

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