Wooden Hull Scalloper built in Paimpol

‘For me, a boat is made of wood. That’s what I prefer,’ said Normandy fisherman Lilian Guadebois, who has been skipper for eleven years. Sainte-Thérèse was launched in Paimpol at the end of January, after eighteen months of work. This 11.98 metre long, 6.55 metre beam shellfish vessel will be worked with a crew of four to fish for scallops in the Bay of Seine. To build this new vessel, which will be based in Honfleur (Calvados), the young skipper turned to Fabien Hémeury’s yard in Kerpalud. ‘The boat is made from 100% French oak because we want to support the local timber industry,’ said Fabien Hémeury, who works with a team of six carpenters. According to him, wooden newbuilds are coming back into fashion, particularly because of their long-term solidity. Excellent photo gallery, >click to read< 17:41

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