The Pew Dog and Greenpeace’s anti-Sealord spoof.

My friend, jj the fisherman, is very creative, and a pretty smart SOB. He creates legitimate satire. You will find plenty more at his column. Click show more to find it all.  Lots of photo and great articles.

It appears that  Greenpiece finds it a legitimate method of communicating their anti fishing view, of which ending fishing would probably find them destitute, as it is apparent they are on a path of unsustainability by over-exploiting fishermen!

The greedy ENGOs just don’t understand their greed to hunt the last fisherman to extinction will cause an unprecedented collapse of their bread and butter revenue raising target.

 Rage erupts over Greenpeace’s anti-Sealord spoof

“Satire has long been used as a way of getting messages across. We’re not criticising the workers that feature in this ad. Those in the fishing industry here and in the Pacific deserve to have a future in the fishing industry, and they’re entitled to make a living from the sea, but Sealord itself is putting that at risk by its destructive catch methods,” he affirmed. Read More.

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