3rd Delay. Commercial crab season delayed again as fishermen seek better compensation

crabber Mathew Paul

Commercial Dungeness crab season was set to open locally on Friday, but it appears the start date may be pushed back yet again. On Wednesday, the Eureka crab shack Jenna Lee’s Seafood announced they were going on strike along with others in efforts to get a better base price for crabs this season. “The situation with the crab and the weather has changed. Seems the fish companies can’t pay the fisherman a decent price so that they might make a living,” said Jenna Lee’s Seafood in a social media post Wednesday morning, “So we are on strike with all the others to help support a base price. Also the weather is marginal at best. We just can’t even guess at this time what will happen but feel it may not last long.” A longtime Humboldt County fisherman who asked to be quoted off the record said that the issue stems from the offer from the seafood company ‘Pacific Seafood’ per-pound of crab. Video, more, >>click to read<< 13:59

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