NOAA Fisheries Extends Emergency Measures for Gulf of Maine Haddock Quota through Remainder of Fishing Year 2023

Effective January 9, 2024 – At the New England Fishery Management Council’s request, NOAA Fisheries took emergency action to increase the Gulf of Maine (GOM) haddock acceptable biological catch (ABC) for the 2023 fishing year. NOAA Fisheries increased the fishing year 2023 ABC to the fishing mortality associated with the maximum sustainable yield (FMSY) (2,515 mt). The emergency measures were included in the final rule for Framework Adjustment 65 (88 FR 56527; August 18, 2023). The emergency measures will expire on February 14, 2024, under the Magnuson-Stevens Act’s initial 180-day limit on the duration of an emergency action. more, links, >>click to read<< 19:40

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