Hundreds of thousands of salmon released in Northern California river die in ‘large mortality’ event

As many as hundreds of thousands of fall-run Chinook salmon died early last week due to suspected gas bubble disease. The fish were released into the 257-mile-long Klamath River near the California-Oregon border following November’s historic dam removal at the site, which was intended to help the stream flow freely again and bolster the habitat for the protected species. Still, the CDFW said those conditions, while unfortunate, were anticipated, and that its hatchery has over three million more salmon it plans to release later this month, downstream from the dam and tunnel. Juvenile fish like salmon fry can have high mortality rates due to predators, lack of food or disease, and the CDFW’s planned release will include fish in later stages of the species’ life cycle, specifically smolts and yearlings. more, >>click to read<< 09:28

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