Rescued at sea – Turr hunters attribute CF/V White Star I crew to saving their lives

article_large Rescued at SeaThanks to the efforts of three Randell brothers – Ralph, Kevin and Keith – from Bide Arm, Graham Hancock and Tom Fillier are safely back on shore and able to share a few laughs about their experience on the water. But everyone involved certainly appreciated the seriousness of the situation, last Monday, when Hancock and Fillier failed to return to home after a day of turr hunting. To the rescue Ralph Randell had been keeping an eye out for Hancock’s boat from his window throughout the day. When darkness set in and Hancock’s boat wasn’t at the wharf it started playing on his mind. He was watching the evening news when his wife answered the phone, Hancock and Fillier hadn’t returned home. more@northernpenca  21:57

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