Harvey Mackay: How to spot a liar

According to a new biography, a man who became infamous for deception got his start at a young age. As a high-school sophomore, this young man was assigned to present a book report to his class. Because he never got around to reading anything, he stood up in the classroom and proceeded to tell his classmates about “Hunting and Fishing” by Peter Gunn, a book that didn’t exist. When the teacher asked him to show her the book, the student calmly replied that he couldn’t because he’d already returned it to the library. The young student was Bernard Madoff, who later in life became notorious for his Ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of billions of dollars. >click to read< 10:58

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    Interesting to see this type of article brought up on a commercial fishing industry portal, and I doubt it is breaking news that everyone during their daily life either stretches the truth or are so pathologically disturbed that it is embedded in their DNA. Contemporary examples in the news would be, 1) James Comey – who should be fitted at this point for a XXXL tall orange jump suit, 2) the punched face clown and political carnival act known as Hillary Rodham Clinton, 3) Joe ‘I never can tell the truth’ Biden, 4) Lying sicko ‘Shifty’ Schiff and a tie for 5) with Mr. Money Bags – Little Mikey Bloomers and the deep swamp creep John Brennan.

    See how easy it is these days when you hear these reprobates open their pie holes that you do not have to buy this guys book which I believe was written over a decade ago….

  2. - Moderator says:

    Interesting enough, Ec, is that the writer isn’t selling a book about Madoff, but opens his opinion piece with a reference to Maddoff.
    When I read it, certainly your examples of upstanding civil servants come to mind, as do dirty politicians, but there were others that were on my mind, like regulators, and wind farmers that are in continues spin to push their agenda.
    Listening to Comey, and his confidence in the operations of the FBI, and all I can think of is the NOAA, OLE scandal that proved to me there is a deep state full of liars, and it is aided and abetted by the media.

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