Update on Fishery Observer Program Restart, Which Resumes July 1st

On May 29, NOAA Fisheries announced that on July 1, the waiver of fishery monitoring will expire, and we will begin deploying observers and at-sea monitors on vessels fishing in northeast fisheries. In a letter released today, Northeast Fisheries Science Center Director Jon Hare is providing an update on preparations  for a safe and efficient redeployment. For more details and to download the letter, >click to read< 18:30

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  1. - Moderator says:

    Hank asked us to post his comment. – Here we go again. As covid19 ramps up around the country, the mighty Jon Hare, from the confines and isolation of his home, is going demand that the ,oh so important, observer program resume.
    How come GARFO is still doing council meetings via webinar? Why are most colleges still not reopening? Yet Hare wants the fleet to invite complete strangers into our “homes” and cohabitate. Who is going to sterilize my A/C systems? Wash all the surfaces throughout the day.
    But wait, all the restaurants that are open are using plastic utensils and wearing gloves. Seating is 6 feet apart… Since we are responsible to feed these people do we need to change the way we do things???.. Obviously some of this is impossible, and extremely unfair..
    The mandate is borderline insanity!!!! At this point in time no data is worth the risk he is creating for both the fisherman and observers…
    What happens if an observer brings covid 19 to my vessel? Then i bring it home and give it to my parents who are 80 years old..Or give it to my family? Do Fisherman have RECOURSE? Suppose I get it real bad and pass away? Or I am sick for an extended period of time, I could lose my boat and or house!
    We all make our own decisions how we are going to deal with Covid 19, Hare is taking that away!!! THAT IS WRONG

    Hank Lackner

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