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“our efforts to redesign fisheries”

This article should be renamed to “How a TED grant helped spread a job killing scam”

Some of the lowlites:

– Overfishing is the number-one threat to the oceans’ ability to provide food and sustain life.

– EDF’s Oceans Program has turned this investment into what we now call the “Big Bet,” a campaign to convert the majority of  US, Canadian and Latin American fisheries to catch shares.

–  It is critical that the world’s movers and shakers gain a working knowledge of our efforts to redesign fisheries.

+ Economics: 80% revenue increases per boat due to better yields and dockside prices.

And the results are coming in. This radical scam is ruining the commercial fishing industry, where ever it is deployed. It’s easy to increase the revenue per boat. Fleet reduction!

Louisiana seeking temporary exemption from TEDs – Shrimpers are fighting the impact of debris left by Hurricane Isaac

In two letters sent to Dr Jane Lubchenco, undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and administrator of NOAA, the Washington delegation is asking her for a “temporary exemption from

federal TED requirements for inland and offshore shrimp trawlers.” The letters were signed by members including Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter, as well as House Members Cedric Richmond,

Jeff Landry and John Fleming, MD.,,,,,,,,“This impact will last approximately three months until the winter storms can help dissipate the debris,” said Gerica. “Right now, shrimpers cannot work at all. They’ve been dropping test nets  which have been coming up completely full of debris.” Remarkably, openings in the TEDs are getting jammed so quickly that bycatch are unable to escape


Meet John Kassel CLF President / Cape Wind Shill / Advocate of Ocean Destruction, and a crappy blogger, too.

What could be said about Cape Wind?! That depends on your own point of view. Some opinions are based on rhetorical ideology.


Cold hard facts.

If you are the President of Conservation Law Foundation, rhetorical notions are sufficient.

So much so, that Offshore Wind Advocate John Kassel President, CLF, has been on a advocacy campaign of ocean destruction to decimate what he claims to love.

These values are often associated with places: when we think of America, we think of the icons of America. Yellowstone. Zion. And New England’s very own Acadia National Park. As Americans, preserving these natural treasures is among our proudest accomplishments. Our oceans should be no different. Here, in the Gulf of Maine, we have George’s Bank, Stellwagen Bank, and Cashes Ledge – a spectacular undersea mountain range – where you find steep canyons, deep kelp forests, and vibrant, charismatic marine life. Their beauty and majesty are breathtaking.

The places he describes are the very places we harvest our seafood from. Natures infinite food producing ocean bottom.

All Natural. No Preservatives. With care, a never ending, virtually endless supply of fish and shell fish.


Gulf of Alaska – Time to get a handle on bycatch numbers – By Dave Kubiak – peninsulaclarion.com

For years fishery managers and those concerned about bycatch have been plagued by a lack of real numbers on how many king salmon, crab and halibut are being discarded in some of the dirtiest fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska. In the struggle to reduce bycatch of these critical species, we haven’t even had an accurate body count. After prolonged frustration with the current system, a solution appeared to be on the horizon when the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (the Council) took action to restructure the observer program two years ago. At their meeting in Anchorage next week, the Council will review plans for implementation of



Scallop fishermen speak out on proposed zoning rules in Ellsworth

ELLSWORTH, Maine — Members of Maine’s scallop industry gave mixed reviews Tuesday to proposed rules that would establish multiple fishing zones on Maine’s coast. The Department of Marine Resources held a public hearing at Ellsworth City Hall to solicit input from fishermen and other industry members on the new rules. It was part of a four-day swing through the state that began Monday in Machias and ends Oct. 4 in Wiscasset. About two-dozen people, mostly fishermen, showed up at Tuesday’s meeting. Many criticized a proposal to implement rotational management http://bangordailynews.com/2012/10/03/news/hancock/scallop-fishermen-speak-out-on-proposed-zoning-rules-in-ellsworth/

Editorial: Feds cannot allow altering of NOAA abuse report Gloucester Daily Times – Another Shameful Obama Administration Blunder

After sitting more than six months on a second, in-depth probe report from special investigator Robert B. Swartwood III, the word that Acting Commerce Secretary Roberta Blank has asked her staff “to gather more information regarding issues” spotlighted in Swartwood’s report on 66 cases of alleged abuse by NOAA enforcement personnel against the commercial fishing industry at least shows some long-overdue movement. Yet, it’s also troubling to learn that Blank expects to “use that information to finalize her decision memorandum,” as Blank’s press secretary, Marni Goldberg, reported in an email to the Times last week.  While Blank may indeed be “completing her analysis” of the second Swartwood report,,,,,,,Read More