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WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH NOAA? Or: Trouble in the Un-Regulated Community –  A RESPONSE TO THE OUT-TO-CATCH-THE-LAST-FISH TALKING POINT –  The Financialization of the Fisheries – THE OCEAN BUBBLE -FROM KODIAK ALASKA ON CATCH SHARES –  EDF, The China Fishery, and The Theft Of A Vital Resource –  CLEAN SWEEP – Catch Shares or ITQ “Success Stories”, International  –  Stock Assessments and Other Funding Atrocities -SAFELY-OUT-TO-SEA: Windmills, the Invisible Fishing Industry, and U.S. Energy  – New Zealand and ITQ’s. SOLIDARITY: A Response To A Divisive Missive –  A STACKED DECK – Catch Shares Are Illegal: CATCH SHARES aka ITQ’S aka RESOURCE THEFT –  The Great Fish Crisis Fraud –  Outing Corporate Money, Eco-Corporate Good Ol’ Boys – THE RIGHT TO KNOW –  Winners, Whiners, and Corporate Shill LIARS.

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fleet rationalization, a big part of the catch shares scam

The following direct quotes are from “Assessing the Potential for LAPPs in US Fisheries.doc “. This document proves that the big green mafia and their puppets at NMFS & the NEFMC knew all about the devastating job destroying results of catch shares, which we are now experiencing here on Mass Bay!

Part-time fishing jobs were also lost when the fisheries shifted to LAPP management. This was largely a result of fleet rationalization, which necessitated a 60 percent decrease on
average of crew positions in the LAPP fisheries

 In addition, fishing heritage within some communities was lost as fishermen gained the economic incentive – and means – to retire.

Scallop Actions: NEFMC September 25 – 27, 2012 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

,,,,,,,,,,quota for the U.S. and Canada to share for Georges Bank yellowtail, leaving the U.S. share in the low 200’s—an amount considered insufficient by the scallop harvesting industry. In contrast, the New England Council’s Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC) recommended consideration of an overall quota of 1,150 mt. The Council did not vote to approve the TMGC-recommended level, and will consider the quota level recommended by the SSC as well. The Council did not move forward with the SSC recommendation that there be no possession of Georges Bank yellowtail. Read More


Coast Guard report: Sheen at Deepwater Horizon disaster site is BP oil


Cod war returns to Middle Bank – The Big Boys are Pounding the SNOT Out of it. ABOLISH CATCH SHARE RIGHT F* CKING NOW!

A large number of big commercial trawlers — 70 feet or more in length — from Gloucester and Boston have been drawn this week to the nearby inshore grounds of Middle Bank in pursuit of the season’s first pulse of cod, combing areas that are the usual domain of smaller, independent day boats from multiple ports, several sources told the Times Wednesday…….But since the advent in May 2010 of catch share fishing, predicated on the trading of allocated fishing rights between gear types and boat sizes — allowed to members of sectors or fishing cooperatives — the taking of inshore cod by offshore boats has been a persistent theme and complaint by dayboat fishermen that the only available source of their harvest and income has been subject to plunder by boats of a much larger scale…….A critical element in the pulse fishing for cod on Stellwagen was the elimination of daily catch limits for boats which entered sectors; these boats were given allocations and encouraged to catch as much as they were allowed at any time. The efficiency of the new system was one of its prime selling points.http://www.gloucestertimes.com/topstories/x674144460/Cod-war-returns-to-Middle-Bank