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Hauling Out F/V Sunup, the crab vessel that sunk at the South Jetty

January 24, a commercial crabbing boat, the Sunup, lost propulsion and crashed at the entrance to Humboldt Bay near the South Jetty. Three of its crew had to be rescued. The vessel eventually broke up and parts of it sunk. On Friday and Saturday, several companies worked together to remove the remaining parts of the vessel from out of the water. Photographer Jae Wood, who captured much of the recovery, photo-documented the operation.  >click to read< 16:00

One Fisherman is Dead and One is Injured in Fishing Boat ‘Incident’ Off UK Coast

A Coast Guard helicopter from Newquay, Cornwall responded to an emergency incident 50 miles off the coast of the Isles of Scilly along with an RNLI lifeboat from St Mary’s, in which a male crew member of a fishing vessel reportedly died, according to local police. The crew member, part of a Newlyn based fishing vessel, died in a “serious accident” at sea and another crew member has been seriously injured onboard the deck of the FV Cornishman. >click to read< 15:22

GOP congressman pitches plan to breach Lower Snake River dams in new vision for Northwest, Salmon

Could Congressman Mike Simpson, a Republican from a conservative district in eastern Idaho, have launched a concept that will forever alter life on the Columbia and Snake — and finally honor tribal treaty fishing rights in the Columbia Basin? His proposal includes removing the earthen berms adjacent to all four Lower Snake River hydroelectric dams to let the river run free, to help save salmon from extinction, while spending billions of dollars to replace the benefits of the dams for agriculture, energy and transportation.,,, Simpson is careful to point out that what he has released is an overall concept that provides only broad spending targets for key initiatives. What he wants is a regional conversation about a new vision for the Northwest. What if we stopped debating whether the Lower Snake River dams are valuable, and recognize that they are, then figure out together how to replace those benefits? video, >click to read< 14:15

Biden administration gives boost to offshore wind. Orstead fails to renew fisheries representative contract

The Biden administration’s announcement this week of a plan to resume an environmental review of a wind farm off the Massachusetts coast and accelerate green-energy development was welcomed by developers and proponents of projects for Long Island. Biden on Jan. 27 signed an executive order,,, Orsted officials declined to comment on the decision by the company not to renew the contract of Julie Evans, a Montauk fishing boat captain who had been a fisheries representative to the company for local fishing issues. She had worked with fishermen in 2020 on fishing-gear loss cases tied to Orsted survey work. One fishermen, Vinny Damm of Montauk, had his claim rejected. Orsted declined to comment on the matter. >click to read< 11:16

Headscarf Revolutionaries: ‘Big Lil’ saved my life and that’s why she should be named the Greatest Hullensian of All Time

Alongside Christine Jensen, Mary Denness and Yvonne Blenkinsop, ‘Big Lil’ formed the Hessle Road Women’s Committee as the dire consequences of the Triple Trawler Tragedy in 1968 came into full focus. The group, known as the Headscarf Revolutionaries, has become immortalised in books and murals locally, but consensus remains that their work is not celebrated enough outside of Hull. Bilocca, a fish wife, led the group after becoming enraged by the loss of 58 men in the winter of 1968 when the St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland all sunk in a matter of weeks. >click to read< 10:06

Hawaii Longline Association Takes Action To Fight Poor Conditions And Human Trafficking

Eric Kingma, HLA executive director, says the local longline fleet has already taken several steps to ensure Hawaii’s fishermen are treated humanely.  While he took issue with some of the findings of the AP articles, he acknowledged it sparked a needed conversation about how foreign fishermen are treated. “That report did damage to the reputation of our fishery,,, “Certainly, we took the issue very seriously and responded with our own review of crew, captains and vessel owners.” He said HLA’s internal review did not find any evidence of human trafficking or forced labor in the longline fleet, which is made up of about 140 vessels and nearly 700 foreign fishermen. >click to read< 08:29