Daily Archives: February 28, 2021

Coast Guard medevacs woman from fishing vessel near Cold Bay, Alaska

The Coast Guard medevaced a woman from a fishing vessel approximately 101 miles northwest of Cold Bay, Alaska, Sunday. An Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew hoisted the woman at 10 p.m. and safely transported her to a LifeMed flight team in Cold Bay for further transport to Anchorage. Watchstanders at the 17th District command center in Juneau received a medevac request,,, >click to read< 16:53

Fishing into the Future

Fishing into the Future (FITF), an independent UK charity led by people working in the fishing industry, has formed a partnership with the Fishmongers’ Company. The partnership includes a substantial grant to implement a three-year work programme that builds on their innovative learning and leadership initiative. Fishing into the Future’s Chairman, Dave Stevens, owner and skipper of the demersal trawler, Crystal Sea SS 118, remarks on the importance of charity’s work and the benefit the support from The Fishmongers’ Company will bring, >click to read< 12:36

Old Ship – Ultra Modern Propulsion

The conversion of the forty-year-old trawler Nordbas into a modern, efficient low-emission vessel demonstrates that it may make sense to rebuild old vessels. Fishing company Nordnes is focused on reusing old vessels part of their philosophy. The trawler has been lengthened as part of a very  extensive refit, which has included a conversion to diesel-electric propulsion and the installation of the largest capacity battery pack yet to be fitted to any fishing vessel. It has emerged as Nordbas from its refit at the Green Yard Kleven in Ulsteinvik as trawler/seine netter with a suite of new technology, including hybrid propulsion, electric winches and the use of waste heat to heat the vessel. photos, >click to read< 11:06

“Acceleration” in Sea-Level Rise Found to Be False – An artifact of Switching Satellites

Sea-level data reported from satellites indicate seas are rising approximately of 3.3 mm/year. By contrast, tidal stations have recorded a rise of approximately 1 to 2 mm annually, a rate which is little changed over the century or so for which we have adequate records. Why the large difference?  When NASA and NOAA launched new satellites, the data they produced wasn’t the same as the data recorded by earlier satellites. Citizen scientist Willis Eschenbach obtained NOAA’s Excel spreadsheet showing the full dataset for each of the four satellites. >click to read< 09:21

Scottish ministers are contesting a judge’s demand to reconsider a no-trawl scheme

Lady Poole made the ruling after ministers said that the revisiting the proposed pilot no-trawl scheme “would serve no practical purpose”. She took action after, in a landmark legal judgement, the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF) won a court challenge over the “right to trawl” in Scotland’s inshore waters which was expected to have a marked bearing in fishing rights across the country.,, But the Scottish Government has decided to appeal her ruling. >click to read< 08:37