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Commercial Fisherman Leroy “Roy” Wilbur Cabana has passed away in Homer, Alaska,

Leroy “Roy” Wilbur Cabana passed away peacefully at his home in Homer, Alaska, surrounded by his family on Oct. 22, 2021, at 10:22 p.m. Even in his final moments he was still full of his quick wit and banter. Some of his final words were “turn it loose,” which was a tribute to his life as a commercial fisherman. Through his employment as a longshoreman, bus driver, body shop co-owner, professional hunter/trapper, or his later careers of a boat builder, catcher/processor, vessel owner, crabber and commercial fisherman, the legacy of his life is the fishing enterprise that he and his wife started for his children and grandchildren and future upcoming great grandchildren. >click to read< 21:20

Kittery woman, owner of Southern Maine Crabs, creates seafood niche

Twenty-three-year-old Jillian Robillard is the owner and founder of Southern Maine Crabs, a processing facility based out of Kittery that specializes in Jonah crabs and lobsters. Growing up on the docks, Robillard noticed lobster fishermen were catching crabs in their lobster traps and throwing them back or crushing them up for bait. When Robillard noticed the price of lobsters increased and the crab prices remained the same, she saw an opportunity in the market. photos, >click to read< 13:27

Texas to Suspend Flounder Season as stocks continue to decline throughout the Gulf and South Atlantic

One of the most sought after saltwater fish on the Texas Coast will be off limits to commercial and sport fishermen starting Nov. 1. Citing negative trends and large scale declines in flounder populations over the past several decades, The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will suspend the year round flounder season during a six-week period ending on Dec. 15.,, The fish’s native range stretches from North Carolina southward into Mexico, and nearly all of the states in this coastal region are witnessing similar population declines. >click to read< 12:30

Sipekne’katik chief ‘optimistic’ about newly appointed fisheries minister

The chief of Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia says he’s looking forward to a clean slate with the newly appointed fisheries minister. MP Joyce Murray, who represents Vancouver Quadra, was named minister of fisheries and oceans when Justin Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet Tuesday.,, Mike Sack said since the federal election, he has been “waiting patiently” for Trudeau to name a new minister. He adds he plans to reach out to Murray soon for a one-on-one chat. >click to read< 10:33

Oil spill victims could get financial help from Small Business Administration

Local victims of the oil spill off the coast of Orange County could be eligible for low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration, which on Wednesday declared the county a disaster area. While the move falls short of the broader federal disaster designation requested by some in Orange County, it could pave the way for companies to resume any operations, or claw back revenue, stopped or lost because of the spill that first was reported Oct. 1.,,, Terese Pearson, who helps run a family fishing business in Newport Beach, said her primary interest is resuming work, not borrowing money. >click to read< 09:15

UK boat detained by France amid fishing rights row

A British trawler has been seized by France and another has been fined, amid an escalating row over post-Brexit fishing rights. French maritime minister Annick Girardin said the ships were cautioned during checks off Le Havre overnight. She said the first did not comply right away and the second was not allowed to fish in French waters so was detained. >click to read< 08:28

Canadian Coast Guard responds to fishing vessel aground in Iona

“The boat is on its side now, very, very close to the beach,” said Jim MacNeil, a resident of Iona, late afternoon Wednesday, adding conditions were stormy at the time. Stephen Bornais, a spokesperson with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, said the coast guard was made aware of a fishing vessel that was aground after breaking free from the wharf in Iona, Wednesday morning. There were no individuals on board when the report was received. >click to read< 07:10