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Trawl Task Force Wins But Fishing Methodology Between N.O.A.A. and Commercial Fishing Today Is Vastly Different

To Whom This May Concern: First I will talk about N.O.A.A.‘s methodology of fishing when their fishing survey was started to find the abundance of fish, but tows were randomly picked, tows were 20 minutes long, using a net which was too small for the boat and the area covered by the bouncing net and wire was minor compared to today’s commercial fishing tows. At that time, these surveys had No Quota Effects on Commercial Fishing. Times have changed since then, BUT NOW  N.O.A.A. surveys control fish given to commercial fishing by their inadequate surveys methodology. >Click to read< by Sam Novello, a Gloucester fisherman who cares about the future of fish and fishermen. 23:30

No Offshore Wind! Maine voters torn by Hydro-Québec plan as referendum set for Tuesday

In communities near the 233-kilometre route of the Appalachian-Maine interconnection line, the worksite raises both environmental fears and hopes for economic revitalization. The line passing through Maine to export 9.45 terawatt-hours annually to Massachusetts could bring billions of dollars to the Crown corporation. A rejection by voters would represent a second setback for Hydro-Québec after the initial plan to run electricity through New Hampshire in 2019 was abandoned due to public opposition. (Shame on non-green NH!) >click to read< 19:26

Owner of vessel aground in Cape Breton en route to recover it – “I’m hoping to get aboard,,,

A Newfoundland man whose family purchased a fishing vessel three weeks ago was on his way to Cape Breton Thursday afternoon to work on recovering it. Jeremy Anstey, of the family-owned Anstey Fisheries in Summerford, N.L., said the Northern Tip is one of four vessels in his family’s fleet that he manages. Although they had just purchased the boat, about two weeks ago they leased the vessel to a First Nations band in Cape Breton. While being leased out, the vessel broke from the mooring in stormy weather and went aground in Iona on Wednesday. “I’m hoping to get aboard (Friday) to see if there’s any damage,” he said, adding it looks fairly sandy where it went aground, so he’s hopeful. photos, >click to read< 12:40

Baffin Fisheries buying $72M fishing vessel

Baffin Fisheries says it’s buying what will be the largest Canadian owned fishing vessel. The new ship will be much safer and cost efficient than the vessel it replaces, says CEO Chris Flanagan. The company held a news conference Friday morning to announce the newest addition to its fleet: a $72.5 million, 80-metre stern trawler that can carry a max of 1,320 tonnes of frozen turbot or 930 tonnes of cold-water shrimp. The trawler will be designed by Norwegian company Skipsteknisk A/S and constructed in Turkey by Tersan Shipyard. Baffin Fisheries is expecting it to be delivered in February 2024. >click to read< 10:04

Moulton’s Trawl Task Force wins $500K to count groundfish

“When I took office, I was told I had to make a choice: stand with the fishermen or the environmentalists. I thought that was crazy because both want, and fishermen need a sustainable fishery. So instead, we rallied both groups around getting better science, and that is exactly what this historic partnership has produced,” Moulton said in a prepared statement. “This work will protect the livelihoods of thousands of people, it will protect our ocean, and it will preserve New England’s identity as a place where people can make a living fishing.” >click to read< 08:44

Sipekne’katik fisherman’s protest dumping of lobster ‘not acceptable,’ chief says

A Sipekne’katik First Nation fisherman who appears in a video showing him dumping crates of banded lobsters into Digby harbour has been rebuked by the band’s chief. In the video, Robert Syliboy objects to a new Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) compliance measure that marks the tail fins of lobster with a paper hole puncher. The hole punch aims to identify lobsters harvested under Indigenous food, social and ceremonial (FSC) licenses in St Mary’s Bay. The conditions of those licenses prevent the sale of the catch. In the video, Syliboy says DFO is harming the lobsters by punching holes in their tail fins. >click to read< 07:39