Daily Archives: January 15, 2022

A Custom Build for Southern Australia

Based in Western Australia, Dongara Marine last year completed its first new vessel for an established fisherman in the South Australian rock lobster fishery, the yard’s first opportunity to venture into this new territory. Customized to the client requirements, F/V Raging Bull’s aluminium hull features the seakeeping and performance of Southerly Designs’ offshore capable monohulls, topped by a single level wheelhouse, an arrangement that is common for crayboats built for South Australia. photos, video, >click to read< 19:52

Dunleavy’s super-special election year bycatch task force – Bycatch is on the ballot.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy recently announced the formation of a shiny new “task force,” charged with studying the impacts of bycatch on Alaska fisheries and making recommendations to policy makers. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has supposedly been doing exactly this for nearly half a century with its permanent voting seat on the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council, or NPFMC. >click to read< By Alexus Kwachka 17:12

The future of fishing is innovation.

Maine’s lobstermen begin 2022 with a unique opportunity to fundamentally solve the whale entanglement issue. Throughout history technology has been used to improve our lives and solve complex problems. Invention has brought us cell phones, computers, satellites, and soon, self-driving cars and a base on the moon. >click to read< By Zack Klyver 10:55

Different Ways to Cook the Perfect Scallops

It’s no surprise that scallops are a favorite of seafood lovers. Tender and slightly sweet, when properly prepared, they’re a culinary marvel. And, with a bit of guidance, you can create restaurant-worthy scallops right at home. Scallops can also be purchased either wet or dry. Opt for dry scallops whenever possible for a better taste and texture. Now that you have some background on which scallops to buy, let’s get cooking! Some excellent recipes for Seared Scallops, Grilled Scallops, Scallops in Cream Sauce, and many more! >click to read< 09:55

After a yearlong closure, Tanner crab season makes a comeback off Kodiak Island

Dave Kubiak spent a recent rainy Thursday stacking the deck of his boat, the Laura Lee, with crab pots in preparation for Kodiak’s Tanner crab season. According to him, the night before the season is always exciting. “We’ll leave in sufficient time to get there and to go someplace and anchor up,” he said. “And then wait for the morning and then run out and get all nervous and jittery on the opener, which is silly, but we do.” Kubiak said that he got a nickel per pound for Tanner crabs back in the 60s. Due to low supply and high demand across the country, prices for this season, which opens Jan. 15, are much higher,,, >click to read< 09:20

Looking Back: Life on board the Hull Trawler Ross Orion

We look back through a collection of images taken on board a Hull trawler named Ross Orion. They were taken just months before the horrific triple trawler tragedy that claimed the lives of 58 crew members on three other vessels. A photographer captured life on board another Hull trawler less than a year before the disasters. The Ross Orion set sail for Greenland from Hull’s docks and the photos were snapped on 15 July 1967 just off the coast. 11 photos, >click to read< 07:52