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Recreational fishermen get bigger cut of fluke

Changes have been made to the fluke quotas that will mean slightly more fish for recreational anglers. One of the last joint actions of the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Marine Council and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission was to shift 5% of the quota to the recreational side. The move won’t go into effect until 2023. When it does the new harvest allotment will be divided up 55% commercial to 45% recreational. Previously, the commercial sector was given 60% of the coastwide harvest of fluke, an allocation that was set in the mid-1990s. >click to read< 19:13

Video: Road to Disaster – Voices of Maine Lobstermen

In the first installment of this series, we get a bird’s-eye view of the current status of Maine’s lobster fishery, which is under assault on two fronts. In this episode, we only hear from lobstermen and their advocates. (If you want to hear more of the opposing views of wind lobbyists, just read any given corporate media outlet’s coverage of this subject.) Upcoming episodes will bring in additional perspectives…there are a total of 20 different interviews that I conducted in 2021, so you will not want to miss these. Video by Jason Joyce >click to watch< 17:07

Couple Arrested for Stealing $2.5M from Keys Commercial Fishermen

A Miami couple was arrested in Miami-Dade County Friday on warrants related to the theft of an estimated $2.5 million from a Stock Island fish house and multiple commercial fishermen. Marianela Armenteros, 40, was charged with multiple counts of grand theft over $100,000. Yamir Gonzalez-Betancourt, 49, was charged with one count of grand theft over $100,000. Both suspects worked for a fish house on the 6000 block of Peninsular Avenue owned by the Valero-Duran Corporation. Armenteros worked as a general manager, while Betancourt was the assistant general manager. >click to read< Photos at this artice, >click to read< 15:18

Offshore Wind: Nantucket project faces lawsuit that could impact Skipjack, U.S. Wind projects

Environmentalists are concerned about impact to sea mammals, such as whales and dolphins, The American Coalition for Ocean Protection  has been created by the Caesar Rodney Institute to push back against offshore wind development, and they have joined the Vineyard Wind legal case as technical advisors. The case against Vineyard Wind could set a precedent for legal action to be taken locally, where Orsted and U.S. Wind have already secured OREC approvals to begin offshore wind development. The Vineyard Wind case claims there could be environmental harm to the threatened right whale from the project. A coalition in Cape Cod, Mass. the Nantucket Residents Against Turbines, in August filed a suit that calls for delay in the development of 2,000 wind turbines off Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard. >click to read<  12:31

Inslee issues emergency order for green crab infestation, a danger to clams, Dungeness crabs, and salmon

Gov. Jay Inslee has issued an emergency order urging immediate action and legislative funding to address the population growth of the invasive European green crab after the Lummi Nation reported 70,000 counted in its sea pond in 2021 and the Makah reported a count higher than any since 2017. The emergency order issued Wednesday is aimed at eradicating the invasive species, which competes with native life and preys on juvenile clams, to prevent its permanent establishment in the state. >click to read< 10:54

Veteran Waterman Kenley “Sonny” Tilghman Hampton, Jr. has passed away

Kenley “Sonny” Tilghman Hampton, Jr. of Centreville, MD passed away on January 11, 2022.  Locally known as “Sonny Boy”. He was 89. After his father’s passing at a young age, Sonny gave up his education to help care for his mother and siblings. Well known as a Veteran waterman, first starting in our own backyard, him and his brother, Abby, were the first waterman to introduce diesel engines on their work boats. Whether it be advice or lending a helping hand he was always willing and ready to help within his community. A community in which he will be deeply missed. >click to read< 09:58

Furious Fishermen Take On Offshore Wind Industry Wrecking Atlantic Fishing Grounds

The offshore wind ‘industry’ has been given a lesson by Atlantic fishermen: don’t mess with another man’s livelihood. Which is precisely what’s been happening up and down the Atlantic coast for years now. An Italian owned outfit, US Wind has been infuriating local fishermen for years. In one of its recent outrages, its survey ship managed to destroy one local fishermen’s gear, despite his efforts to intervene. Not only did Jimmy Hahn lose his precious pots, ripped up by US Wind’s survey vessel, the fact that a quarter of them were destroyed or damaged meant that he lost the opportunity to fish and earn income. >click to read<  09:14

Tsunami: Widespread Fishery Damage from Tonga Eruption Reported across Japan

Fishery damage from a tsunami triggered by the recent eruption of an undersea volcano off the southern Pacific islands of Tonga has been reported in 10 prefectures across Japan, the Fisheries Agency said Friday. The agency is examining the amount of the damage, including the capsizing of fishing boats and the mass death of horse mackerel.  >click to read< 08:29

Traditional fishermen in despair over Peru oil spill – Callao, Peru: Hundreds of traditional fisherman living just outside the Peruvian capital fear their livelihoods are ruined following an oil spill caused by a volcanic eruption thousands of miles away. >click to read< 10:31