Daily Archives: January 16, 2022

A new day of fishing to help children with cancer

Once again this year, a day like no other took place Saturday off the coast of Nanaimo, mobilizing fishermen, truckers and volunteers to raise funds for children with cancer by selling a huge amount of herring. I’m extremely grateful to be a part ofit,” says Aaron Chin, a board member of Fishermen Helping Kids With Cancer. The 1925 bags were quickly sold, representing just over 19 tonnes of fish and $38,000 for cancer patients at the BC Children’s Hospital. >click to read< (you may need to click translate) 21:01

North Atlantic Right Whale: Extinction Is Looming. Everyone’s Fighting.

This May, new rules created for the lobster industry by the National Marine Fisheries Service will become official policy for boats operating in right whale territory. The agency estimates that lobster and Jonah crab traps are responsible for 95 percent of vertical end-line ropes in the areas where whale protections apply and therefore pose the most risk for entangling whales. The Fisheries Service says these changes will reduce the risk of death and serious injury by 69 percent. But in the months after the rules were finalized, the agency has seen pushback from conservation groups, who argue the new protections aren’t enough, and lobster fishing crews, who say the rules will harm their business. >click to read< 14:22

Tonga tsunami: Tutukaka damage has business wondering, ‘what next?’

The clean-up is set to continue at Tutukaka Marina on Monday, after a tsunami surge from the Tongan earthquake hit the marina on Saturday night. About eight to 10 boats have sunk, numerous other boats have been damaged, and there is extensive damage to marina structures,,, While the tsunami surges were noticed across Northland’s west and east coasts, Tutukaka appears to be the only place where there is significant damage. >click to read< 11:07

California’s 5 most deadly, devastating tsunamis

Fortunately, it appears that the Bay Area and the rest of California on Saturday escaped the worst kind of damage that can be inflicted by a tsunami. Following the eruption of an undersea volcano near Tonga, surges of water flooded or threatened harbors and low-lying areas in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley and Marin County. The worst tsunami threat to the West Coast in more than a decade also prompted advisories, evacuations and beach closures up and down the coast. But by Saturday evening, it appeared that the region had dodged the tsunami bullet, with some damage to boats and property reported in Santa Cruz and other communities and no reports of major injuries. But history offers more deadly examples of when massive tsunami waves, generated by earthquakes or volcanoes erupting an ocean away, have barreled into California’s coastal areas,,, >click to read<  09:06

Fishermen scared for livelihoods as sea creatures disappear from Yorkshire coast

Fishermen across Yorkshire fear they could be forced out of business after masses of dead sea creatures have been washed up on the shoreline. Robert Harrison, from Filey in North Yorkshire, said he is scared for their livelihoods amid claims there “isn’t a living thing” within three miles of the coast. Dead crabs and rotting lobsters were littered across the coastline between Marske and Saltburn in October but now fishermen in Filey are experiencing a similar issue. >click to read here< and >here< 07:40