‘Deadliest Catch’ star Nick McGlashan says he was ‘a full blown junkie’ addicted to heroin, meth

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski’s longtime deck boss, Nick McGlashan, revealed he was a former drug addict during Tuesday’s episode of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch.” And now, McGlashan detailed his addiction to fans via an article he linked to on Twitter. He revealed his substance abuse was even worse than what “Deadliest Catch” showed. click here to read the story 16:10

The Deadliest Disease – A lifestyle of the Bering Sea Crabber is a dream for many, but a reality for few. Hard work and fast money make this a lucrative industry enviable for the hopeful masses. The ruthless, persistent, yet beautiful Mother Nature is our greatest adversary. She hits us with winds exceeding 60 miles per hour, bites us with temperatures that dip below -30 degrees, and relentlessly threatens us with waves taller than a three story building. With an injury rate over 90%, it’s one of the most dangerous working environments on the planet. It’s no wonder why there is only 350 people in the world who can claim this as a career. My life went from Bering Sea badass to full blown junkie very rapidly. Hidden from me was that passion I had for life. Taken from me was my ability to live. I was at war with my addiction and it was winning. click here to read the article by Nick McGlashan 16:17

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