Daily Archives: August 7, 2022

Over 13,000 pounds of Lobster hauled into Provo on Season Opening

The Turks and Caicos luxury export is back in season as of Monday August 1st. Lobster season is officially open and TCI fisherman took advantage from the get go as a massive 13,000 pounds were caught on the very first day, and that was just the Providenciales tally. Victor Lewis was the big winner of the day with 2,103 pounds, followed by Leslie Amboise with1,877 pounds. The Fisheries Department said the turnout and excitement for the weighing was as high as usual for the reopening of lobster season. Photos, >click to read< 12:06

Massive Fish Kill in the Klamath River After Flash Floods Inundate its Waters with Debris

Shocking photographs from Siskiyou County near Happy Camp show thousands of dead fish in the Klamath River after flash floods sent a deluge of debris into the fragile river ecosystem. The Klamath River Watershed runs through the burn zone of the McKinney Fire, the 60,000-acre wildfire that has destroyed over 80 homes and caused at least four deaths. S. Craig Tucker, Ph. D, a spokesman for the Karuk tribe, told us that on the nights of August 3 and 4 during rain, there was a “massive debris slide out of areas impacted by the McKinney Fire” that flowed into the main stem of the Klamath after flash flooding at or near Humbug Creek and McKinney Creeks. Photos, >click to read< 11:24

A True Pioneer – Captain Magne Kristoffer Nes has passed away

Magne Kristoffer Nes passed away in Edmonds, WA, surrounded by his loving family. Magne was born in Karmøy, Norway to Didrik and Elen (Ella) Nes, the fifth of nine siblings. Magne’s distinguished 64-year commercial fishing career took him around the world, including Hawaii, where he retired from fishing. Magne was a true pioneer with an endless thirst for research, whether it be for fishing or safety. Magne was one of the first to employ survival suits in Alaskan waters, he obtained permission to bring medical prescription chests on fishing vessels and was one of the first to have a doctor on 24-hour standby through single sideband radio. Magne held over 125 Alaska commercial fishing licenses along with record-breaking crab deliveries. His many fisheries included king crab, salmon and scallops, just to name a few. He was awarded twice by The Norwegian Commercial Club for outstanding seamanship, vessel maneuvering and for his contributions to the North Pacific fishing industry. >click to read< 09:32

Regulations coming to Atlantic Canada could ensure safety of endangered right whales

Last month, Sierra Club Canada held a web discussion where it talked about the endangered North Atlantic right whale population in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and how new changes coming to the fishing industry could help protect them. DFO has been working to develop rope systems that are designed to release if too much force is applied suddenly. Currently, there are no regulations for fisherman to use low-bearing gear. Jenn Michael Lewis, who helps catch lobster in St. Peters Bay, said the response from fishermen in the community about the new rope regulations will likely be a negative one.  “It has been a point of tension. There isn’t many right near St Peters Bay, many fishermen don’t see the point in switching,” Lewis said. >click to read< 08:10