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Pacific Fishery Management Council says Rescind Oregon OSW Call Areas

The Pacific Fishery Management Council acted today to join a chorus of voices recommending the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management rescind the current Oregon call areas designated for floating offshore wind energy development. Heather Mann, Executive Director of the Midwater Trawlers Cooperative and one of the leaders of the informal coalition Protect US Fishermen said in her testimony, “we hear the climate crisis is so severe that collateral damage to birds, whales, the California current ecosystem, food security, even to fisheries, fishermen and rural community economies is an accepted part of the transition to cleaner energy. That is an unacceptable premise to me, and I hope it is to you as well.” The motion passed unanimously (10-0) with four abstention votes cast by the state representatives for Oregon, Washington, and California as well as the NMFS representative. >click to read< 19:24

Seafood industry urges ‘extreme caution’ on controlling seals to avoid consumer backlash

Canada’s seafood industry is urging Ottawa to use “extreme caution” when considering measures to control the growing seal population, warning they could jeopardize market access and acceptance of Canadian seafood. But according to Conservative fisheries critic Clifford Small, a member of parliament from Newfoundland and Labrador, those concerns are overblown. “It is immensely important that as the government considers potential steps moving forward, its actions do not disrupt either the market access or acceptance of Canadian fish and seafood products, both internationally and domestically,” said Paul Lansbergen, president of the Fisheries Council of Canada. Lansbergen said both the U.S. and the European Union have strict rules regarding the harming of marine mammals during fishing. >click to read< 14:50

Dartmouth fisherman remembered 40 years on

A Dartmouth family is remembering a crabber who was lost at sea 40 years ago today. 28 year old Paul Goddard had been crabbing off Weymouth on March 12 1983. Tragically he and his boat, the Exuberent, disappeared and he was never found. Former crew member Alan Spencer said: “She was a Cygnus Garry Mitchell design 32-foot displacement hull work boat.“ In the winter of 1981 it was decided to move her and her fishing gear to the “Over falls” off Weymouth in Dorset as fishing was rich there at that time of the year. On March 12 1983 she was being brought back to Dartmouth by the” Skipper” alone as the crew moved all the boats husbandry back to Dartmouth by road. “What happened next will never be known exactly. >click to read< 12:11

Meet the next generation boatbuilder taking over the family business – Jaxen Doucette has been an entrepreneur since age nine

“I always wanted to do something with business and never, ever wanted to work for somebody else. I always wanted to do my own thing. And here we are.” Now, he runs the fibreglass boat-building business in Miminegash, P.E.I., with his family’s name over the door. Doucette’s Boat Building builds 45-foot fibreglass fishing boats and employs 12 people year-round, though they take an extended break in the summer due to the heat.  The company usually has four boats on the go, Doucette said, and finishes one per month. The company was founded in 1990 by Jimmy Doucette, Jaxen’s grandfather. He took over earlier this year after the elder Doucette died.  “He built six or seven of his own wooden boats and then they took a mold off the last wooden boat, which gives us our fibreglass boat.” Photos, >click to read< 10:39

UK fishing industry ‘on its last legs’ as Tories accused of ‘betraying’ coastal towns

Fishing rights for EU vessels have proved to be a major bone of contention for the industry since leaving the bloc more than three years ago. Brexit fury has exploded after claims the UK fishing industry is “on its after legs” with Boris Johnson and the Tories accused of “stabbing fishermen in the back” over the deal with the European Union. The former Prime Minister had promised to protect the industry and insisted the UK would “take back control” of its waters before signing a trade deal with Brussels more than three years ago. The fishing agreement states there would be a five-year transition period that would see EU boats continue to gain access to UK waters until 2026. At the time, Mr Johnson admitted some concessions had been made in talks with the EU. >click to read< 09:43

NC Catch Summit, Outer Banks Feast will be held March 20 in Nags Head

With 79% of North Carolinians wanting their seafood purchases to support fishing families, NC Catch, the state’s leading cooperative for local seafood, brings together consumers and commercial fishers to feast on local catch and share valuable education about North Carolina’s vital seafood industry. Misinformation about commercial fishing in North Carolina keeps growing, and confusion persists over whether seafood is sustainably harvested. Panels will dig deep into major myths, real seafood trends, and innovative efforts of young people entering all aspects of the state’s seafood industry. This day of education and real-life stories of commercial fishing families will teach attendees how to stand up for local seafood. >click to read< 09:05

New demersal trawler COPIOUS LK 985 delivered to 60 North Fishing

The vessel is the first of a pair of sister vessels for the company and was built in Croatia by Tehnomont shipyard to a full design package supplied by Macduff Ship Design. The vessel completed her delivery trip to Shetland, through the Mediterranean, up the west coast of Portugal, Spain and Ireland, arriving in Shetland on the morning of the 14th January just in time for the islands fire festival Up Helly Aa. The second vessel to be named ‘Prolific’ is set to be delivered later in the year. Photos, >click to read< 08:01