‘Dark day for democracy’; FFAW rejects Jason Sullivan’s candidacy for president

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd 2023.

Bay Bulls fisherman Jason Sullivan calls the rejection of his nomination for president of the FFAW-Unifor by the union’s election committee a dark day for democracy.

“Some of those South American countries must be drooling at the FFAW election process,” said Sullivan, who was notified by e-mail of the rejection earlier today, two days before the scheduled Jan. 5th vote.

Two candidates are left in the race — including FFAW staff-rep Greg Pretty, the leading candidate who was endorsed by the union executive board on Dec. 1, the same day former President Keith Sullivan unexpectedly resigned — and Dave Callahan, a west coast fisherman.

In the letter signed by Tina Pretty, chair of the FFAW election committee and Greg Pretty’s ex-wife, Sullivan was told he is not eligible to run for president because he continues to serve as a director of FISH-NL, an “active company.”

Only FISH-NL, a rival union to the FFAW, publicly dissolved on Dec. 2, 2019, over three years ago, after abandoning its second membership drive.

“The FFAW knew I had a chance of winning the election and closed the door on me,” said Sullivan. “The FFAW and democracy are two words that do not go together.”

Sullivan took a leave of absence from SEA-NL, an association representing inshore enterprise owners, during the FFAW election — which was also a bone of contention with the union.

“While that organization says it currently does not seek to represent harvesters, in its press releases upon founding it states that it would be an eventual goal,” read the letter by Tina Pretty.

“Having an election that is chaired by one of the candidates ex-wife is unbelievable, however nobody in Newfoundland and Labrador is surprised by the dirty antics of the FFAW anymore. It has been asked a thousand times now, Who polices a Union? Nobody….” says Sullivan

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