Aloncar Launches Largest Trawler in 40 Years

After two decades of inactivity, the Aloncar shipyard at Necochea in Argentina, has been resuming projects over the past five years, since engineer Hugo Obregozo became one of its owners. On 20th April, this new phase of activity resulted the launching of BP Skipper, a 28-metre fresher trawler entirely built by Aloncar. BP Skipper is entirely funded by its owner, the fishing company Ocean Fish. Its design was inspired on Norwegian and Icelandic vessels, with a double deck and an inverted bow, he explained. ‘Both of these features are not common in Argentina. The double deck allows the catch selection, washing and handling to be carried out under shelter. The inverted bow is especially important in rough sea conditions, as it reduces resistance and vessel movement, and makes it handle more efficiently,’ he said. photos, >click to read< 21:20

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