UPDATED: The 76-foot fishing tender Neptune – Haines Harbor Reopens As Cleanup Efforts Continue

Haines Harbor masters work to cut loose the life raft from the salmon tender Neptune Saturday morning, Oct. 5, 2013 in Haines, Alaska. Photo by John S. Hagen. [email protected]  20:01

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    Local diver Norm Hughes went to the harbor early Saturday to see the sunken tender. Then the boat’s owner, Don Axelrod, called Hughes to see if he would dive on the boat. As a commercial fisherman, Hughes was especially interested in helping out.

    “Don called me a little while later and asked if I’d go down and see if I could get the fuel vents closed off so we can keep the oil from coming out and maybe they’ll open the harbor back up then,” Hughes said. “If we can stop the environmental leaking of the oil then maybe the fleet can go fishing.”