After Brexit – Fishermen chart course away from Europe

scottish fishermenThe EU referendum results marks “a seismic change” for the fishing industry, according to many in it, as it will restore the UK’s long-lost control over the greater part of the northern European fishing grounds. In Scotland the fleet has declined during Britain’s time in Europe. The 2007 workforce of 4,408 fishermen regularly employed on Scottish-based fishing boats, was approximately half that employed in the early 1970s when Britain joined what was then the European Economic Community (EEC). The number of fishing boats over 10m long was 1318 in 1990, 958 in 2000, and only 583 in 2014. The numbers fell as the European Commission exerted more and more control over how much could be caught, in an efforts to conserve fish stocks which scientists warned were at risk. Read the story here 11:47

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