Mafia tactics employed at New Bedford scallop hearing

On March 20 th at the public hearing for Amendment 21 General Category Scallops in New Bedford an incident occurred in the audience that raises serious questions about IFQ management and the consequences of them. A New Jersey fisherman, who was in the area looking at boats for sale, decided to attend the public hearing that night. As he entered the room he was approached by a well known local fishing industry entrepreneur, who now sells boats and fishing quota , and who he has previously done business with. He is also handling the sale of the boat the fisherman is looking to buy. He aggressively gave the fisherman the fifth degree of questioning about why he was at the meeting, leaving said fisherman with an uneasy feeling of intimidation, as the questioning implied don’t testify against the plan. >click to read<09:00

3 Responses to Mafia tactics employed at New Bedford scallop hearing

  1. jim lovgren says:

    names were not used in this article, for liability purposes. NMFS is well aware of what happened and is investigating. i just don’t want another dale jones style result, jim

  2. - Moderator says:

    Speaking of names, The Athearn Marine Agency of Fairhaven Massachusetts is not in any way affiliated with this story.

  3. Joel Hovanesian says:

    If proven true, these individuals should be brought up on racketeering charges. This sort of thing is exactly why the RICO act was instituted. Just don’t let NMFS do the investigation. This scandal riddled agency has no place investigating anything. Bring in the FBI.

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