Good Morning! We celebrate our eighth birthday today.

Good Morning! It’s our birthday today. We’ve calculated some statistics from the back side of the website, to give a little insight Into the past eight years. In the past eight years, we’ve had 8,186, 234 visits. Our best day ever, 72, 221! We’ve posted 27, 725 posts, which are trails to articles collected daily, inventoried, categorized, and shared around the globe. We have tried to provide an accurate snapshot of the industry, continuously updated, daily, for eight years, which is ninety six months, and an average of 289 posts per month, which comes up to 9.6 posts per day, as an average day. We have posted 839 pages, (example), this, and this, and this, submitted from fishermen, former fishermen and industry representatives from around the world. This is the page with our first four posts on our first day.  We have so many people to thank, including one gentleman that never forgets us, and Cousin Patty. We will pay you back someday! Thank you! Carol, and Bore-head 007. Time to set out for our first tow of the day! 08:15

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  1. sam Anthony parisi says:

    I do not know were I would be with out Fisherynation ,it keeps me up to date as to what is going on every day ,Happy Birthday Sam

  2. Jim o’connell says:

    Fishery Nation just facilitated the release of information that you could not find anywhere, which ultimately saved the Right Whales, half the lobster industry, and forced the cruise ship Industry to alter course.
    These guys who run this website should be for lauded for their efforts. They are two wicked good, dedicated, hard working people.
    More power to them.
    Thanks Ed and Carol
    Jim O’Connell

  3. carminegorga says:

    Congratulations on your past successes. Kep up the good work. Best wishes.

  4. Willy says:

    Happy Birthday! I do appreciate the hard work that you put in to keep us up to date with many of the headlines and stories that I’d be unlikely to ever hear of.

  5. Nils Stolpe says:

    Borehead and Ms. Borehead –
    Happy eighth anniversary – and for putting in many more than eight years worth of work into making Fishery Nation the invaluable resource for working fishermen (and hangers-on) that it has become.
    Best always,

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