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New Trawler Offers Comfort and Towing Power

Skipper Ian Mackay and his crew steamed Loch Inchard III home from Polruan in Cornwall to Kinlochbervie through some windy weather, reporting that the new trawler performed well and was comfortable. Loch Inchard III replaces the Mackay family’s Loch Inchard II, a wooden-hulled trawler that was built for them in 1984, making the switch to a new steel trawler a real leap in terms of comfort and efficiency. ‘It’s the first of its type, and while Loch Inchard III is bigger than the trawler it replaces, it’s not the biggest in its class. This is the biggest MDI fishing vessel design for UK waters for around twenty years.’ Photos, >click to read< 17:55

Commercial Fisherman Timothy J. Moore of Homer, Alaska, has passed away

Timothy J. Moore, age 65, of Homer, Alaska, passed peacefully from this world into the loving arms of Jesus, the Great Fisher of Men on Dec. 2, 2021. After his family, Tim enjoyed hunting and sport fishing, but commercial fishing was his passion. his first fishing experience was set netting for salmon on his Uncle Pat McElroy’s sites as a skinny 13-year-old during a summer visit to Alaska in 1967. In 1991 the acquisition of the F/V Iliamna Bay allowed him to expand his herring fisheries to include Togiak and to participate in the halibut fishery during those crazy “derby” days before IFQs. The F/V Iliamna Bay was also the beginning of his Prince William Sound salmon seining career where he made many memories fishing with the family and some amazing crew. >click to read< 15:19

Not Right: Offshore Wind Farm Turbines Threaten Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales

The next wind industry victim appears to be the endangered Atlantic Right Whale, which already has plenty of offshore industrial activity to contend with. But oil and gas extraction, international shipping, and commercial fishing have obvious embodied economic benefits. Whereas, the only economic benefit derived from wind power is the subsidies it attracts. No subsidies. No wind power. It’s that simple. So, if a bunch of crony capitalists and their apologists get their way, get ready to kiss goodbye to the Atlantic Right Whale.,, What a pro wind power scientist says. Mark Baumgartner, a senior scientist and marine ecologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said in a phone interview that he understands vessel activities and associated construction can seem alarming, but said he doesn’t “envision a lot of impact” on the right whale from wind farms. [he clearly hasn’t given it a second’s consideration, but why would he?]. >click to read< 12:31

Search Suspended for Commercial Fisherman Missing off Carpinteria Coast

A multi-day search for a man missing from a commercial fishing vessel found off the Carpinteria coast was suspended Friday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. The 38-foot trawler F/V John Start was reported operating erratically off Loon Point at about 4 p.m. Wednesday. The Coast Guard responded, and found the boat underway, but no one was aboard,,, An extensive search was launched for the missing fisherman, identified as Vuong Tran, 62, but he had not been located as of Friday afternoon >click to read< 11:06

UFCA Granted Intervenor Status In Sipekne’katik Court Case

The Unified Fisheries Conservation Alliance has been granted intervenor status in another court case involving indigenous fisheries. They will be part of the Notice of Application brought by the Sipekne’katik First Nation against the Attorney General of Canada to challenge the regulation and enforcement of Indigenous fishing activities. UFCA President Colin Sproul discusses why it’s important for them to be involved. >click to read< 09:12

A trilateral agreement: More haddock can be caught after fishing deal with EU and Norway

The UK has made a deal with Norway and the European Union on how to divide up fish stocks in the North Sea next year. While fishing groups have welcomed the agreement, catch-sector bosses say it does nothing to resolve issues around access to cod in Norwegian waters after talks in the spring between London and Oslo collapsed. Ministers say they “remain optimistic” a deal with Norway and the Faroe Islands for 2022 can be struck before the end of the year. >click to read< 08:39