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‘Bonfires on the Levee’ – A Christmas Eve Spectacular!

The Louisiana River Parishes Tourist Commission, along with Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, culminated the Christmas season with ‘Bonfires on the Levee’ in St. Charles, St. James and St. John the Baptist on Friday, Dec. 24. The Christmas Eve spectacular was canceled last year due to COVID-19. But the tradition is back, and this year features a 67-foot Louisiana Blue Crab bonfire in Garyville. Lots of happy people attended this over three-hundred-year-old Christmas Eve tradition.  >click to watch< 14:42

Maine lobsterman hands out hundreds of pounds of free lobster as part of Christmas tradition

What has now become the annual gracious giveaway for the Ames’ family all started when local lobsterman Noah Ames decided to first handout free lobster on Christmas Eve in 2014. A lifelong lobsterman who fishes the rough waters some 50 miles offshore, says it has become more so his job as a parent that sparked what is now a family tradition. Video, >click to read< Merry Christmas to the Ames family! 09:01

Merry Christmas. Peace on earth, good will toward fishermen

To those that are gone, and there are so many, you are thought of with sadness, reverence, and awe. “It Just ain’t Christmas Without You”.  >Click to listen<