Daily Archives: December 26, 2021

Commercial Fisherman Benjamin Eric Boyok has passed away

Benjamin Eric Boyok set sail for the last time on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021, in Cloverdale.  Benjamin was born July 7, 1978, to Philip (Otis) Boyok and Paula (Parmelee) Boyok. He attended East High School in Sioux City. He then moved to Oregon and worked as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea for over 20 years where he was well respected by his peers. He was the loving and devoted father of his son George and daughter Otilja. >click to read< 19: 47

Buckie Harbour round-up

As the festive season got under way, there was a dip in fish landings at Buckie Harbour. Four vessels landed 346 boxes of fish/prawns/Squid and no bags of clams. This is down from 536 boxes the previous week. The boats bringing their catches ashore were F/V Boy Sam, F/V Flourish, F/V Lily Oak VI and F/V Lee Rose II. >click to read the rest< 16:50

Frenchman Bay falsehoods

I am a lifelong fisherman of Frenchman Bay. I have fished the bay for over 50 years. I am familiar with the huge tides and winds that frequently occur here. American Aquafarms wants to put a 120-acre salmon farm in Frenchman Bay. American Aquafarms CEO Keith Decker says the company’s proposed 30 salmon pens will not affect those of us who fish in the bay. That shows either how little he knows, or wants to know, about the bay. Hard to tell. >click to read< By Jerry Potter, South Gouldsboro. Maine. To read more on American Aquafarms, >click here< 14:16

Little piece of gold tradition in $6m boat build

Construction of a new $6 million fishing vessel in Nelson is well underway, with a keel laying ceremony held in line with tradition. The $6 million longline fishing vessel Te Runanga is being built for Westfleet by Nelson-based Aimex Service Group. Newly appointed Aimex general manager Andy Smith said that following tradition a ceremony was held this month to place a gold coin under the keel to keep everybody involved with the vessel safe, from during construction to when it was at sea. The “massive” steel keel block was lowered onto the coin. >click to read< 08:10