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The Cape Kiwanda dory fleet of Pacific City

There’s no fishing fleet quite like the Cape Kiwanda dories.,, it’s a pretty slick operation to watch: a tow vehicle will rapidly back into the teeth of the surf to launch the boat between the waves, then hastily retreat. Two crew members will then expertly spin the boat to get its bow pointing into the waves and head off into the teeth of the surf… It looks like risky, fast-paced fun for skippers who have the skill and practice to pull it off. But it wasn’t always so quick and easy. The Cape Kiwanda dory fleet is one of the oldest fishing operations in the state. It dates back to the late 1800s. >click to read< 17:00

Pacific City and Astoria honor their maritime heritage and culture with decades-old celebrations

In many towns along the Oregon Coast, boating isn’t just a livelihood or a means of recreation, but a way of life, the foundation that defines a community. In coming weeks, two towns will celebrate their maritime history with festivals that have been going strong, in one community, for decades; in the other, more than a century. In Pacific City, 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Dory Days, which runs July 19-21. The festival opens Friday,,, Astoria is preparing for its 125th celebration of the Astoria Regatta, Aug. 7-10. >click to read< 08:43

Dory Fleet holds special piece of maritime history

Pacific City, a beautiful stretch along the stunning Oregon Coast, prides itself in being “The Home of the Dory Fleet.” What is a dory? How did dory fishing develop into what it is today in Pacific City? In general, a dory is a 16- 23-foot lightweight vessel with a flat bottom and tall sides made from wooden planks. Our traditional double ended dories were developed in New England in the early 18th Century. Designed for maneuverability, balance, and fairly easy rowing, a dory provides the skilled operator with a stable platform for navigating and hauling large amounts of fish. >click to read<10:25

It’s a-boat time Pacific City celebrates unique maritime heritage with Dory Days Festival

For more than 100 years, dory boats have gone out to sea from Pacific City. And for the locals, dory fishing is not only their heritage, their pride and their way of life — it’s also their addiction of sorts. “When I haven’t had a dory I was going through the D.T.s,” said Skip Bailey, who has been dory fishing for nearly 40 years. “We grew up as dory people and we live and breathe that stuff.” He’s not kidding, according to other dory devotees. “Sometimes in the winter I just go and sit inside my dory and have a beer — it’s so nice,” said Capt. Mark Lytle, who runs pacificcityfishing.com. “Every person who has a dory will understand, because they do the same thing.” >click to read<20:17