R.I. innovator develops ‘ropeless’ lobster fishing technology

Traditional lobster and crab traps operate through a simple mechanism, using ropes and buoys. Vincent “Bud” Harold, president of DBV Technology LLC in North Kingstown, believes he has the solution: one of his company’s signature products, the RISER. While traditional lobster and crab traps are rigged by rope to a buoy, the Ropeless RISER uses underwater acoustics to send signals from a fishing vessel to gear on the ocean floor. This signal triggers an underwater bag on the trap to inflate with air,,, >click to read< 14:41

4 Responses to R.I. innovator develops ‘ropeless’ lobster fishing technology

  1. john bickfordjr says:

    so when you set your lobster gear out we watch for buoys so we don;t snar each other up what happend when 10 set same spot then try to get your traps up?

    • Aaron says:

      well John, then you find yourself at the bottom of a pig pile and you won’t ever get your trap back. But eventually each fisherman will attemp to deploy his absurd contraption, and there will be 10-20 traps on bottom with a tangled mess of rope nearly to the surface. After several years of this idiocy, ther wont be a safe spot to fish anywhere.

  2. muddog says:

    Draggers? How are they supposed to know where traps are? Another excuse for the 1%ers (elites) to rid the waters of dredging. “They” want you to eat soylent green anyway.

    I sure hope people are waking up. Rule of thumb: everything “they” tell you; opposite is true.

  3. William furtado says:

    When the scalloper is a dragging the edges of the ledges how do they know where the Trawls are your gear is gone with a $2000 buoy The bottom will be filled with gear in three years

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