The Fight Rages On As Byler Inches Closer To A Federal Trial Against The US Coast Guard And City of Kodiak

In late 2022 and early 2023, Professional Mariner Darren Byler of Kodiak, Alaska filed two separate multi-million-dollar lawsuits: one against the United States Coast Guard and Special Agents for fraud and evidence tampering and the other against City of Kodiak and City Officials for the illegal sinking of the 110’ M/V Wild Alaskan. It would appear that Darren Byler has successfully applied hard-hitting evidence against all involved in this case coupled with his undeniable sense of humor, “I’m not a lawyer but I did just recently stay at a Holiday Inn Express”. Byler has a full-court press going after elected and hired public officials which includes City, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers that Byler claims, “are covering up many State and Federal Felonies in this case” and “we are now obviously living in a Two-Tier Justice System”. Photos, >click to read< 11:43

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