Boatbuilder: Frank Luke

Over one hundred vessels have slid down the ways into Linekin Bay out of Paul E. Luke, Inc. boat yard: lobster boats, power cruisers, sailboats (race and cruising) both wood and aluminum. There is only one boatbuilder in this boatyard. Make no mistake whose yard it was, and who was boss. He was Paul Luke. Others worked here and moved on to become boat builders in their own yard: John Luke, Jim Jones, Matt Sledge, and others moved on and became successful builders in their own yard, but they passed through here. In the early days, I was happy to come down to the yard, as it was full of friends and had a lot of energy in the air. There was always a lot going on … Never long after I arrived, either a broom or a shovel was pushed in my direction. I always knew where I wanted to work, the question was, “Where will I fit in?” more, >>CLICK TO READ<< 09:25

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